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PTFE (Poly tetra fluoro ethylene) ie high performance engineering specialty polymer having exceptional properties with regard to chemical inertness, heat resistant, frictional properties & excellent electrical insulation characteristics etc.
PTFE is a polymer which is mostly used in chemical, mechanical, electronics & electrical industries due to its unique properties as under
1 Chemical inertness to all known chemicals however attacked by molten alkalis, Metal, chlorine, fluorine, related fluorine complexes at elevated temperature and pressure
2 Wide operating temperature Range - 250 C to + 260 V at atmospheric pressure
3 Non Toxic & Antistick Properties
4 Resistance to solvents, insoluble in all solvents up to 260 C Certain high fluorinated oils swells & dissolve PTFE at temperature close to crystalline melting point.
5 Negligible water absorption
6 Excellent weathering resistance
7 Outstanding electrical / insulating properties over wde frequency range
8 Non flammable
9 Resistance to radiation: electrical properties remain practically unchanged during & after irradiation, both in air & vacuum.
Types of PTFE
1Virgin PTFE
2soft PTFE (Expanded PTFE)
3Glass filled PTFE
4Carbon filled PTFE
5Graphite filled PTFE
6Bronze filled PTFE