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CAF & Non-Asbastos Gaskets : Champion, Spitmaan, Hindustan Composite, Klingrite and other makes etc.
P.T.F.E.(Teflone) Gaskets : Gaskets, Envelopes, "O" Rings and machined sealing items like shervon packings, bellows etc.
Rubber Gaskets : Gaskets, "O" Rings, Curd, "U" seal etc. in Neoprene, Butyle, Viton, Silicon and other Grades of Rubber material etc
Paper Gaskets : Electrical Insulating / Oil Grade materials like Prespahan Paper, Flexible, Oil Paper etc.
Red Fiber Gasket : Vulcanized Red Fiber
Cork Gaskets : Rubberised and non-Rubberised Cork.