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Spiral Wound gaskets are made of a performed metallic strips and a soft filler material
(CAF , Non Asbestos, Graphite, Teflon, Ceramic, ETC) wound together under pressure and passionally with an inner and outer metal guide ring. The metal strip in grooved pattern holds the filler, resulting in excellent mechanical; resistance, re silence and recovery.

Spiral wound gaskets are mainly used in high temperature variation (Thermal cycling) and / or pressure variation flange rotation problem etc.

Spiral wound gaskets are designed to meet application against educate residual stress retention, flexibility and recover requirements.
Types of Spiral wound Gaskets.
1  Spiral wound gasket With out supporting ring
2  Spiral wound gasket With Outer Ring
3  Spiral wound gasket With Inner Ring
4  Spiral wound gasket With Inner & Outer Both Rings

The material of construction of Spiral Wound Gaskets is as per annexure
Filler Material Recommended Maximum Temperature ASME B16.20 Color Coding
Graphite 550C Grey Stripe
PTFE 260C White Stripe
Non Asbestos/CAF 350C White/Pink Stripe
Ceramic 650C -

Winding Material Recommended Maximum Temperature ASME B16.20 Color Coding
304 Stainless Steel 650C Yellow
304L Stainless Steel 650C Yellow with Red Strip
316/316L Stainless Steel 650C Green
316Ti Stainless Steel 650C Light Blue
347 Stainless Steel 650C Blue
321 Stainless Steel 650C Turquoise Blue
Nickel 200 600C Red
Titanium 600C Orange
Hastelloy B-2 450C Purple
Hastelloy C-276 450C Brown
Inconel 600 950C Gold
Inconel 625 450C Gold
Inconel X-750 1000C Light Grey
Incoloy 825 450C White